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The Future of Work

The Future of Work - Career News in Hindi

In general, when we talk about innovations, we refer to technological developments. Some examples are robots, computers and software programs, self-driven cars, etc. In other words, automation seems to be taking over the working world. It follows, therefore, that concerns about global unemployment are on the increase. It was to offset such worries that the International Labor Organization (ILO)'s 187 members (out of 193 nations) initiated discussions on the Future of Work.

Future of Work
Increasing globalization, demographic shifts, dangers of climate change, and technological innovations are becoming responsible for the appearance of various challenges in the world of work. Therefore, the International Labor Organization (ILO) launched the concept of Future of Work in 2019, at the 108th International Labor Conference. This was the Centenary Declaration to symbolize 100 years of the existence of ILO.
The ILO determined to take a human-centered approach to employment. Towards this end, member nations would strive to invest more in three arenas. One would be the institutions offering jobs, and another would be people's capabilities. The third would focus on decent, as well as sustainable employment. To their credit, nations are trying to tackle the existing scenario in the right way. Regardless, experts, who are monitoring the advent of novel technologies and automation, suggest that the nature of jobs is indeed changing. It is equally true that certain occupations are becoming obsolete. However, it is also heartening that new employment opportunities are coming to the fore. All that the workforce requires is to keep up with changing trends, as well as acquire new skills from experienced guides. An example of a lucrative skill is Six Sigma Green Belt.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Business establishments quickly snap up It professionals who have received training and certification in Six Sigma Green Belt! This is because they have problem-solving abilities and prove highly useful in maintaining quality control at all times. Therefore, if you are thinking of joining the gang too, do not hesitate too much! All you need is to find a reputed institute with well-qualified instructors, to coach you for the certification. One such establishment is Simplilearn.
This course is splendid for people who have work experience in specific fields. They could have been managers, quality auditors, quality system managers, quality analysts, quality engineers, or quality supervisors. What is your background? In case, you do not fit into any of the positions mentioned above, and you may still opt for training in Six Sigma Green Belt. The fact that you desire to use your knowledge for improving the process and quality within your current organization is sufficient reason.
You may go in for self-paced education or blended learning. The former helps you learn at your convenience. Of course, you will have study materials, notes, etc., to guide you. Blended learning, on the other hand, is a combination of self-study and online classroom interaction. Regardless of whatever option you choose, you will always be able to access a personal mentor to resolve issues, if any.
It helps that the course is a combination of theory and hands-on experiences. You may even go back to your working days and remember things of note. They should help you in preparing well for your final exam.

Examination and Certification
The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) takes up the responsibility of testing candidates after completion of training. The exam is a closed book, as well as a proctored one. Various centers across 165 nations conduct the exam on specific dates.
You will have to answer 100 questions within three hours. The question paper is a mix of multiple-choice and true/false. The questions cover every major section included in the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. Sometimes, the examiner may include around ten, non-graded questions too.
You will become eligible for certification only if you score 70% or beyond in this exam. In case you do not get through, you will have to re-register for the test and pay your exam fees once more. You may retake the exam just once within two weeks. Alternatively, you may opt for three reappearances within three months.

On the Job
What will you do after obtaining your Six Sigma Green Belt certification?
For one thing, you may not have a full-time job, but only a part-time one. However, you do have plenty of duties to perform. At the same time, there is nothing to stop you from going in for a full-time job. Whatever you do, do not be disappointed at the attention given to Six Sigma Black Belts or Six Sigma Champions. The former takes charge of deploying maximum resources for the completion of diverse Six Sigma projects. The latter is responsible for bringing Six Sigma projects and the overall business strategy into alignment. While Black Belts and Champions are doing important work, you are also an essential member of your organization.

Just remember that your certification has made you capable of handling a people-driven process. You can make every project successful, simply by focusing on human factors and not on quantitative considerations. To illustrate, you have the unique talent of achieving bonding between theory and live applications. Your employer regards you as a dedicated team player. You provide the requisite subject matter expertise for handling any project or process. You also encourage your team members to work diligently towards achieving fruitful results. It does not matter if you have been working as a project sponsor, project supervisor, technician, or operator. The fact that you possess Six Sigma Green Belt certification suffices to impress!

Your training helps you to use the data-driven and highly quantified approach for decision-making. You do not rely on instincts or feelings, but facts and numbers. Then again, you use the same tools for identifying areas that could do with some improvement in quality. This serves to streamline day-to-day operations. Thus, you are an incredible asset to any business establishment.

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