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World’s first Blockchain smartphone launched with 5G support

World’s first Blockchain smartphone launched with 5G support

The world's first fully Blockchain-powered smartphone BOB (Blok on Blok) that runs two different operating systems (OS) at the same time seamlessly is now available for purchase for $599 (nearly Rs 43,000). The smartphone can be bought in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin via digital asset wallet app Xwallet. The users of the app will get the device for $539 as pre-order discount from November 30 to December 14, Singapore-based Pundi X Labs which is the maker of the device said on Thursday.

The XWallet mobile app connects regular digital asset wallets with the Pundi X payment ecosystem. Built entirely on and for the Blockchain by Pundi X Labs, a leading developer of blockchain-powered devices, the smartphone has Android 9.0 as base OS, allowing it to function like a regular Android smartphone.

The second OS called Function X or f(x) OS that runs BOB gives users a new smartphone experience, the company posted on Medium on Thursday. Powered by the Function X blockchain and ecosystem, any action made within the f(x) OS will be decentralized, it added.

Texts, calls, Internet browsing and sharing of files will all be transacted on the Blockchain, providing users full control of their data, taking back data privacy with BOB. Users will be able to switch seamlessly between the two operating systems in BOB with just a swipe.

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