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What colour lipstick goes with red dress

What colour lipstick goes with red dress

When wearing a killer red dress. If you choose the wrong makeup, you will risk looking vulgar instead of sexy or cheap instead of elegant. Wearing a red dress is always a good choice, but choosing the proper makeup to wear it with may be problematic. Here are some lipstick shades for red dress.

Lip gloss
If you don’t feel like experimenting, keep it simple and go for everyday lip gloss. When it comes to the rest of your makeup, going nude would be a good choice. The nude color palette includes different shades of beige, brown and grey.

Nude lips
Nude lips look good worn with a smoking hot red dress. If you are going for nude lips, you could accentuate your eyes. Mix smoky eyes with nude lips for a really sexy but far from vulgar look.

Dark Red
Wearing a killer red dress with matching dark red lipstick can be too much for some, but if you can pull it off go for it. The only trick is to find the lipstick that matches your dress perfectly.

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