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Remove dark circles at home with these home remedies

Remove dark circles at home with these home remedies

The first place your body starts to show the side effects of stress is under your eyes, where your skin is the thinnest, in the shape of dark circles. And you might think once you get those unwanted dark circles, it is a tough job to get rid of them. These dark circles not only rob the beauty and charm of your face, but also make you look like you are struggling with some sort of illness. But it takes only a few basic precautions to mend the damage. Here's how to do it.

Improve your sleeping habits
Sleep for at least 8 hours and that, too, in a straight position with a good pillow under your head. This will help your body correct the blood circulation and thus lessen the dark circles.

Say 'no' to stress
Try and avoid too much of stress. It is one of the biggest reasons for dark circles and is not good for your health, too. Learn to accept things that you cannot possibly change and try not to mix your personal and professional lives.

Try exercise and yoga

Daily morning exercises and yoga help you breathe better, and improve the blood circulation in your body. This will not only remove the dark circles but will also bring a healthy glow to your face.


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