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Domino's will use self-driving vehicles to deliver pizza

Domino's will use self-driving vehicles to deliver pizza

Domino's could be putting some of its delivery drivers out of a job this year by rolling out a new wave of robot delivery vehicles in Texas. The robot vehicles, made by the well-funded autonomous driving startup, Nuro, are entirely self-driving and can cart their cargo - in this case Domino's pizza - via in-unit storage.

Once the robot arrives at its destination, customers must meet the vehicle and use a special pin provided to them upon ordering to unlock the hatch and collect their delivery. Unlike other commercial self-driving vehicles, many of which are geared toward either transporting passports or larger goods, Nuro's robots have a decidedly lower footprint.

The R1 is about half the size of a normal car and only travels at speeds of about 25 miles per hour, making them less likely to hurt pedestrians or other vehicles in the event of an accident. Since there isn't any room for human passengers, Nuro's cars are also capable of stopping on a dime risking a little cargo damage as opposed to serious injury.

Though Nuro's robot vehicles will be driving all by themselves, they will still continue to be monitored by a human tag-a-long, who will drive behind the vehicles to monitor their passage in case things go awry. Nuro won't be without competition in its efforts to overtake the robotic delivery space.  


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