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Asus to launch dual-screen laptops in India this October

Asus to launch dual-screen laptops in India this October

Asus will launch two dual-screen Windows 10 laptops in India in October. The new premium notebooks – ZenBook Pro Duo and ZenBook Duo – have new designs that add a secondary screen over a keyboard. Both notebooks were first introduced at Computex trade show earlier this year.

Taipei, Jonas Chen, Country Product Manager, Consumer Notebook, Asus India, said the idea behind a dual-screen laptop is to solve productivity issues with two screens. He says the company is trying to differentiate the experience with a dual-screen laptop which you normally won’t get on a regular laptop.

Chen says the thought behind creating the ZenBook Pro Duo came when the company launched the ZenBook Pro last year, a laptop featuring a small phone-sized display where the touchpad would usually be. To improve the laptop’s multitasking capabilities, the 5.5-inch ScreenPad acts as a secondary screen for basic things like messaging or apps like music and video.

The 14-inch 4K secondary screen on the ZenBook Pro Duo, dubbed the ScreenPad Plus, makes a lot of sense for heavy multitaskers and creative users who need more screen real estate for multiple applications. For instance, a video editor can use the ScreenPad Plus for colour grading while processing edits in their timeline on the main screen. Even regular users can utilise the secondary screen to take notes or watch a video. Read More...

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