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Apple reveals an Apple Watch Band with a built-in rotatable camera

Apple reveals an Apple Watch Band with a built-in rotatable camera

According to a new patent that has been granted to the company. A report, which has details on the patent reveals that the Apple Watch’s camera could be placed inside the band, and would use a hidden optical cable to send data to the watch. So does this mean that future Apple Watch devices will have a camera strapped to the band? That’s unlikely, given this is just a patent and not a confirmation that Apple will be introducing this technology for sure to its future devices. But it gives an insight into what the company is exploring for the Apple Watch.

According to the report, the patent reveals that users will have the option of pulling out this particular section of the band as it would be flexible. They would be able to place it at their desired angle, and the lens would rotate as well.

The description for the patent, which is available online as well, reads “The camera watch band is configured to be coupled to at least one side of the watch body, and the camera watch band includes an optical sensor or camera, and an operable connection to transfer data between the optical sensor and the display or other device.”

It adds, “The band is flexible and may be manipulated by a user to aim an optical sensor disposed at the distal end portion of the camera watch band separately from the watch body. The display or other device functions as the viewfinder for the optical sensor.” Read More...

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