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5 Ways to know your relationship is serious or not

5 Ways to know your relationship is serious or not

Compared to girls, guys are not so open about their feelings. There may be some who do talk and express their emotions but when taken in the broader sense, it is rare to find such a man. There are some signs that will let you know that your partner is serious about you or not.

Does he try to sugarcoat his words and say things only to please you. Or does he give his honest and serious opinion. If it is the latter case, then you must realise that he is serious about you and says what he thinks is right or wrong. He will not say or do things only to please you but because he cares for you and wants things to be right for you.

Shares activities
If your man wants you to join him in the activities he enjoys doing, then he is showing signs he is serious about you. He wants you to know what he likes doing and wants you to be a part of it. Similarly, he will try to take interest in things you enjoy and love doing.


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