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1 Year old chef breaks the internet

1 Year old chef breaks the internet

A 1-year-old chef has garnered 1.4 million followers on Instagram since starting his cooking tutorials, "Kobe Eats", in February. “Hi I’m Chef Kobe. I like to cook, eat & explore in the kitchen!” his bio says on Instagram. Most of his videos, which show him helping with the preparation of different recipes, have over 1 million views, with one video seen 3.4 million times. Kobe’s favorite thing to make is “anything with cheese, because he gets to eat it," his mother Ashley Wian.

In one video, he helps his mother cook butter chicken. "I made butter chicken & naan with my mom! She helped a lot with this one because there was lots of work to be done on the stove .. I made a few mistakes but that’s okay, it was a lot of fun to make this!!! I especially loved the part where I ate naan. A lot of it. I love naan," the caption reads.  


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