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PlayStation VR2: is it worth buying the second version?

PlayStation VR2: is it worth buying the second version - Sports News in Hindi

If you're looking for a new way to immerse yourself in virtual worlds, the PlayStation VR2 might be just what you need. This updated version of Sony's virtual reality headset offers more impressive graphics, improved ergonomics, and new controls.

PlayStation VR2: Is it worth buying?

The new virtual reality helmet PlayStation VR2 was released at the end of February. It is the second generation accessory for PlayStation 5 consoles. According to the first previews, it became clear that VR2 surprises with modern technology, comfort, and comfortable immersion in the virtual world.

In this review, we will take apart the novelty, consider all the differences from the previous version, and decide whether it is worth its money. You may also be interested that casino days have slots that will soon be integrated into virtual reality.

Unpacking and Setup

Inside the box, the gamer will find a manual, helmet, controllers, USB-C cable, and headphones. There is nothing else there, and there is no need.
Unlike the original PSVR, setting up the second-generation device is much more convenient. If, in the first case, the gamer had to use a bunch of cables, an HDMI switch, tracking camera, in the second case, you will need only one 4.5-meter USB-C line to connect the headset, which should be connected to your PS5. That's it! Then there are automatic firmware updates, controller calibration, gaze tracking, and lens distance. The built-in four tracking cameras will scan the room's geometry, furniture, and all the surroundings, right down to the pets.

Screen Features

PlayStation VR2 is a quantum leap in the world of VR when compared to its predecessor. 2000 × 2040 HDR OLED matrix for each eye at up to 120 Hz provides a viewing angle of 110 degrees. The picture is juicy, crisp, and smooth - just like on a quality monitor. Sounds very good, but it is worth mentioning the guesting - it is smoothing during head turning and moving objects. Yes, when you move something, all the sharpness is instantly lost, and the picture turns to mush at some point. It is not very pleasant, but not critical, because even with this inconvenience, you quickly get used to and overlook the disadvantages.

Design and comfort

PlayStation VR2 is the best version of its predecessor in every sense, although it is similar in design. The snow-white headset is attached to the headband, separated from the VR display.
It's nice to know that to play in VR, and you no longer have to feel like a clumsy robot, as it was many years ago. In today's gaming industry, producing not only a full helmet with a bunch of futuristic buttons but a lightweight, minimalistic headset is customary. In this case - with has a headband that fits snugly to the head and is additionally size-adjustable with a disc at the back of the head.
The lens module slides forward or backward on a guide, and the headband is strong enough to distribute the weight of the PlayStation VR2. You can also use the built-in mechanism to adjust the lenses inside the headset - it's essential for eye focusing because only some have the exact distance between their eyes. As a result, a blurry picture not only spoils the game but also causes headaches. A minus is the rubber band that fits the face: it has no absorbent technology, so you will often have to wipe with a towel from the sweat.
Surprising chips and excellent features

If we have already started with TVs, it is worth mentioning a feature of PSVR 2: the headset automatically broadcasts to the screen what the VR user sees in the helmet. So you don't need to deal with the settings or look for instructions to start broadcasting: everything is already done for you. And why do you even need a TV when you can watch videos and play PS5 games that do not support a virtual reality in this movie mode? So turn off the TV and only use the console and PSVR 2 - the data will be displayed in HDR mode at 1920 × 1080 resolution, 24 Hz, 60 Hz, or 120 Hz.
If you plan to keep your house private, you can define the boundaries of the gaming area in the device setup menu. Then, you must scan the room and define the game boundaries with the camera. When you leave the registered zone, a warning will appear in front of your eyes.
In fact, why go anywhere when you are allowed to enjoy the game sitting down? That, too, is possible with PSVR 2. In general, there are three passing styles: sitting, standing, and moving - it depends on the type of video game.

What can be played?

We dare to disappoint you, but for now, there are not many games for PSVR 2. The device does not have backward compatibility with previous PSVR games, and libraries with super-popular games still need to have time to be transferred to the novelty. A total of 35 games are available at launch. Pay attention to the following worthy games:

After the Fall is an epic shooter where players must fight for their lives against a horde of undead.
Cities VR: Enhanced Edition - a city-building simulator with an elaborate economy and perpetually dissatisfied citizens.
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR - creepy shooter on wheels, where you can not even blink because this way, the monsters will approach you in an instant. Thanks to the eye-tracking system.
Demeo - a cross-platform role-playing adventure for four in the "dungeon" genre.
Gran Turismo 7 is a fast-paced racing game in the legendary series.
Horizon Call of the Mountain - The flagship PS VR2 game and the latest in the Horizon series. Marvel at the breathtaking scenery, feel the tension of the bowstring, climb mountains, and explore distant lands with Ela.
No Man's Sky VR is a sci-fi adventure through the vastness of the universe, where there are no more limits to explore.
Pistol Whip VR - first-person shooter, where you have to shoot at targets to groovy music.
Resident Evil Village is the eighth installment of the famous horror franchise Resident Evil. It is worth noting that there is a free unique add-on for PlayStation VR2.

Bottom line

Buying the PS VR2 lets you get comfortable, easily customizable technology without creepy soaps, lags, and massive pixel grids. A lightweight and comfortable helmet, technological controllers, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, and tactile feedback are just what the player needs, but it's not without its downsides.
Yes, saturated colors and natural black where it should be are present, and at the same time, the guesting does not allow to focus even on the face of a passing character, and light grid pixels sometimes slip in front of the player's gaze. These minor flaws are likely to ruin the game, but there is an impression that a modern VR device for $550 should be exemplary.
The small library of games at launch and the need for more backward compatibility with previous PSVR games can also disappoint the gamer.

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