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Play games and earn money - best of 2021

Play games and earn money best of 2021 - Sports News in Hindi

These days, with lockdowns and economic uncertainties, many are looking for alternative ways to make money. You might not know this, but there are many people actually playing games to earn money. Some games require you to hone your talents; others are purely chance-based. Here you'll find several proven ways to play games and make some cash.
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft is hugely popular, and there are many ways the game generates funds. It can take time to reach a certain level to become profitable, but for many, the hard work is paying handsome dividends. Money making options include.

Gold farming – at max level, you can farm gold. Since everyone in the game needs gold to buy things, players are willing to pay real money for the shiny stuff.
Level up characters – some players don't have the time to level up their characters and pay others to do it for them.
Sell accounts – it takes time to create powerful characters, but once you have, others may be willing to buy them.World of Warcraft is not a get rich quick scheme, but if you enjoy the game, there are many ways to turn a profit from it. If you know what you are doing and focus on the task at hand (farming, levelling up, etc.), then it is possible to make some good money

Minecraft is another immensely popular game that most people have heard of. It was released in 2009 and now boasts millions of monthly users. With some much activity and interest, why not turn your attention to grabbing some of the Minecraft action. There are several ways you can make money on your own Minecraft server. It starts with setting up your business which means a catchy domain name, logos, and website. Once established, you can charge a fee for using your server. As well as fees you can ask for donations, sell digital merchandise such as skins or textures, and look for sponsorship.Streaming is another potentially lucrative option with several avenues for monetisation. Check Mojang's rules to ensure you are in compliance. If so, then ads are one way of earning cash, as are affiliate links. Build a solid viewership and streaming can be a highly profitable way of making money via Minecraft.

Esports have quickly morphed into a gigantic multi-billion dollar industry. There is a stack of money to be made for those with the will and the know-how to succeed. Like Minecraft, one way of doing so is by streaming games on Twitch and building a fan base. The key is to have some sort of unique angle to capture viewers' imagination. You might want to provide gaming tips and insights, offer humorous entertainment, or anything that sets you apart from the competition. Build enough subscribers, and you can earn tips, sponsorship, or a cut of Twitch's revenue from adverts.The other way to make money from Esports is to turn pro and join a team. Players signed to teams make tens of thousands of dollars, and the best players earn millions from competitions. The biggest prize pool from to date was $34.3 million at The International 2019, so there is a lot of money at stake. To make it will obviously require a lot of practice, but rewards are there.

Casino Games

Another form of entertainment that can make players money is online casino games. This category includes online slots, table games such as blackjack, lotteries, and live dealer games. Some casino games are based purely on chance, while others like poker have plenty of room to develop tricks and tactics. Nowadays, it is possible to play real money casino games with progressive jackpots online, and some players have won millions right on their smartphones.There is an element of risk involved with casino games, but the same can be said when starting a business. Like any venture or form of entertainment, the key is setting a budget and sticking to it. Some online casinos like Rajbet provide free slots you can play to see if they suit you and offer bonuses to try out their services. Certain bonuses do not even require you to make a deposit, meaning you can further lessen the risk. Like investing in stocks or crypto, never gamble with more money than you are prepared to lose.


With Swagbucks, players can access a range of top online games. However, you don't just play games at Swagbucks; you can make money from them too. One popular game, for example, is Swagbucks Live, a trivia game where users win virtual cash that can be exchanged for actual currency. Each game earns you Swagbucks, which can be swapped for Visa Rewards or gift cards. Users can also earn rewards for watching videos, searching the web, or answering surveys. Since its launch, Swagbucks has paid out gift cards and cash worth over $400 million.


Take your time to investigate the options, and you are sure to find a game that you can play to earn money. From simple puzzle games, complex open-world experiences to fast-paced online slots, there is something to match all personalities and budgets.

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