Indias Famous Online Casino Got Rebranded: Good-Bye Showlion, Hello JungleRaja | Published : मंगलवार, 04 अगस्त 2020, 11:36 AM (IST)

Recently one of India's most popular online casinos was rebranded. Sometimes change is a good thing, a layer of new fresh paint can revive a room and a reconstructed website with new graphics and colours can bring more life into an outdated brand. The change came after an internal review was made where it was found that the previous brand, Showlion, was outdated and had outgrown its effectiveness. The old brand had trouble differentiating itself from the rest of the market, Showlion simply didn't stand out from the competition well enough. So the brand was in desperate need of a change to better reflect what the casino is about, the market they operate in, and to attract new customers.

Rebranding is not done on a whim or when a company has nothing better to do. Without a solid strategy and good execution, the process could turn out to be a disaster. In the case of JungleRaja rebranding, the team behind the popular online casino worked for months, dedicating their hearts and souls to better reflect their vision and give it the well-needed push to stand out from the crowd. The lion is still present, but he has evolved into a brave and generous king named Raj. King Raj’s name is a derivative of the title, Raja, or Rajah, used for kings and princely rulers in India. His look, clothes, and colours have evolved to better match the ever-growing product portfolio that a customer explores as they play through different online slots, tables, and live games. Where king Raj of JungleRaja acts as a guide through the forest.

Technically, a lot of work needs to be done when a major rebranding is made to a website and application. Customers who are used to entering the www's of Showlion needs to be redirected to the new website. Partners who have reviewed and are marketing Showlion needs to update all their existing marketing materials and text to reflect the new brand and it's offering, this was announced as part of a June update which was communicated on the 28th of May. In the case of Jungle Raja rebranding, there was only a need to change the brand identity, such as the name, logo, colors, and story. The products that are offered in the new casino are the same as the old one, with exactly the same games being available to customers.

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