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How VSI helps Students to get the Best CA Intermediate Result?

How VSI helps Students to get the Best CA Intermediate Result - Career News in Hindi

CA intermediate exam is the second level of the Chartered Accountancy course. Also, it is tough to get a desired CA Intermediate Result. The students have to complete a vast syllabus of 8 subjects in just a 9 month study period. The difficulty level can be judged through the CA Intermediate exam passing percentage which is just 16.76% only up to 2020 in all over India.

However, that’s not the case with VSI Jaipur Institute. The teaching strategy adopted by VSI, along with regular mock test series and personal guidance, has helped in getting the best CA Intermediate result. If you look at the previous results of VSI, 5 of their students got AIR 1 in the last 10 years in the Intermediate course (old and new). Not only that, their CA Inter result Nov 2020 went amazing, with AIR 1 and 7 other students getting ranks under AIR 50. Hence, it can’t be denied that VSI has the maximum CA Inter pass percentage.

Now, let’s check how VSI is getting such exceptional CA Intermediate exam results. Also, how it can help you in cracking the exams and achieving the result you want.

VSI Study Approach to get the Best CA intermediate result

VSI teaching pattern is very different from other institutes and also effective, that’s why they have these amazing results. Their study model is based on result-satisfaction that is helping significantly in students’ preparation. That is purely reflecting in their CA Intermediate result 2021 and before. Here you’ll know the VSI’s study approach to get the best CA inter exam results.

Deep but Selected Study

Clearing CA Intermediate is not so easy, but the aspirants have to get a proper preparation strategy which they can find from VSI. CA Intermediate exam difficulty level is high and students have to cover the entire syllabus in just a few months. However, VSI believes in conceptual understanding and giving more focus on topics that have higher weightage. VSI prepares a proper study plan for CA intermediate aspirants. It provides them with a proper and dedicated schedule that can cover the entire subject in less than seven months.

Simultaneous Doubt Solving Sessions

To make your chances higher of clearing the CA intermediate exam, you need to understand the concepts properly. While learning anything for the first time, there are many doubts that students have in their minds. The simultaneous doubt-solving sessions by VSI make it easier for students to understand the concepts properly and deeply. The unique methodologies of VSI help the students in getting uninterrupted studies during the course period. And, allows them to solve all their doubts afterwards. The outcome can be seen in the CA Inter result of Jan. 2021, where eight students of VSI secure All India Rank.

Preparation with ICAI Study Material

The best part of VSI is that their complete teaching is based on ICAI’s latest and updated study material. Through the ICAI official study material by VSI, students know about the difficulty level and what is important in the upcoming examination. Moreover, VSI also provides study materials that are comparatively easier to understand and made based on the ICAI study material. Students can also understand question trends of the CA intermediate exam. Focusing on ICAI study material helps students in preparing efficiently and getting the desired CA inter result.

Commendable Mock Test Papers

CA aspirants must practice mock test papers since it helps in knowing the exam pattern and your level of preparation. VSI provides the facility of commendable mock tests to the students. This allows students to solve the questions in a time-bound manner. VSI provides three mock test series after teaching the complete syllabus for each subject. This ultimately helps the aspirants to clear their concept about the CA intermediate exam. The aspirants can also get free PDFs of mock test papers, MCQs, and online question papers by VSI.
Smart Compilers

The aspirants of the CA intermediate exam can find easy and smart compilers through VSI. VSI’s smart compilers are made in simple language, concised, and elaborative. Moreover, by using new technologies and problem-solving techniques, VSI helps the aspirants to clear out all their doubts and getting the best result in their CA intermediate exams. These smart compilers by VSI, helps students in covering the syllabus on time.

Tested Teaching Strategies

In VSI, there are qualified and experienced teachers giving unique methods of learning to the aspirants. VSI has adopted proven teaching strategies that help students in learn effectively. By using these strategies in the last ten years, VSI secured excellent CA Inter results so many times in the previous years. The qualified teachers are putting different methodologies on the subjects.

Personalized Guidance

If we had to name one thing that makes VSI different from other institutes, is the personalized guidance they provide to each student. Teaching and conducting mock test papers can’t be done differently for each student, but the guidance can definitely be provided. According to RC Sharma Sir, director of VSI Jaipur, personalized guidance plays a 50% role in student’s success in the exam. That’s what their CA Intermediate Result 2021 or other past year results signifies. After completing the classes and checking the student’s performance in the mock test papers, personalized telephonic guidance is provided to each student.

All India Rank 1st In CA Intermediate (New) Jan 2021

Review - Exams कई बार postpone हुए लेकिन मैंने अपनी studies continue रखी ताकि मेरा studies का flow बना रहे। अगर आपके पास Patience, Determination, और Consistency हैं तो CA Course इतना difficult नहीं हैं। VSI का बहुत major role हैं मेरी rank आने में। मैंने CA Intermediate exams की preparation VSI से की थी। मैंने VSI के continuous mock test series से भी practice की थी और CA R.C. Sharma sir की guidance से बहुत help मिली।
Video link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXx8MVedOqE&t=1s

How can you join VSI Jaipur for CA Intermediate?

Now, you already know how VSI is getting such excellent CA Intermediate results. Their CA Inter Pass percentage is also amazing compared to other institutes. So, if you want to join VSI for CA Intermediate preparation, you can check the details mentioned below.

CA Intermediate classes are conducted in 3 ways, i.e., Face to face, video, and online classes. The coaching fees for both groups is Rs. 80000, the first group is 45000 and the second group is 42500. Students can pay it through net banking, credit card, or debit card.

The Contact Details of VSI are as follows:

Address: K-50 Bhawana Tower Income Tax Colony, Tonk Road, Near Durgapura Bus Stand, Jaipur

Mobile Number: 7821-821-250 To 54, 93514-68666
For online courses: (+91) 9358-900-493, 9358-900-497


To get the best CA intermediate result, the aspirants must know the proper way of study, which they can find from VSI. Also, by providing quality teaching, proper guidance, and effective mock test papers, VSI helps the students crack the exam and secure AIRs. If you are a CA intermediate aspirant, you can join VSI to get a 100% result. Moreover, VSI gives you support and strategy, which lessens your burden of the exam. Join VSI to achieve your goal.

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