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How do you keep yourself in tune during a pandemic and lockdown?

How do you keep yourself in tune during a pandemic and lockdown! - India News in Hindi

Most of us find it very difficult to stick to any regimen, spending almost all of our time at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Constant stress, self-isolation, working from home, and a sedentary lifestyle can play a nasty trick on people in the form of extra pounds.
First and foremost, quarantine should be a time to introduce new eating habits and adjust your regimen. Then, the expert nutritionist told about the products best to add to your diet to prevent the coronavirus and which, on the contrary, to exclude. The experts also told and gave some tips on not gaining weight during the quarantine. For example, you should not combine the play online casino and food.

The sharp increase in excess weight during the pandemic is associated with anxiety, prolonged isolation at home, and a sedentary lifestyle. It is primarily due to reluctance to go out due to quarantine, closed gyms, and a small selection of fresh berries and fruits. People are more likely to note a desire to eat something sweet rather than a piece of boiled broccoli.

More than 60 percent of people who sought weight-loss counseling during the quarantine period reported eating disorders, late meals, bouts of "gluttony," and too frequent snacking while their motor activity was drastically reduced.

Good nutrition
Even despite the difficult situation in the world, it is still desirable to observe a food intake regime and a balanced diet. It is necessary to choose healthy protein sources, products from whole, not pureed grains, to prepare more vegetable side dishes and fresh salads. Replace pastries and confectionery products with healthier alternatives, berries, fruits, and dishes; replace sweet drinks with tea without sugar and plain water. Try to walk a lot at a fast pace, and do simple exercises at home. And also, get enough sleep because shallow or insufficient time sleep also disrupts the metabolism and contributes to an increase in excess weight.

To prevent contracting the coronavirus, eating right and eating foods are necessary to avoid the disease. So, according to the nutritionist, it is essential to add to the diet a large number of products with pronounced anti-inflammatory properties.

These are products with active vitamin C: citrus fruits, berries, products with a high zinc content - nuts, cereals, legumes, seafood, products with high antioxidant composition: natural vegetable oils, vegetables, cruciferous cabbage, root vegetables (especially black radish, celery). Do not forget about garlic, onions, and natural spices: turmeric, cloves, and herbs (green tea, chamomile, thyme, currant leaves). These products can strengthen our acquired (adaptive immunity) and fight against various kinds of inflammations and tumors.

What foods to avoid

Some foods can aggravate coronavirus disease. Therefore, excluding all fried foods and sweets (sweet drinks, confectionery, pastries) from your diet is necessary. It is also essential to avoid products in which fructose is added as a sweetener (fructose-based sweets). Moreover, excessive honey and alcohol harm the liver, the main detoxification organ in the body.

In addition, it is worth excluding sausages, especially smoked and salami - they contain a lot of fat and preservative sodium nitrite, which worsens the work of blood vessels, liver, and kidneys, so as an alternative - or boiled meat, or, in the extreme, sausages, sausages from poultry, which should be cooked.

The practice has shown that in people with pancreatic problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, coronavirus causes complications in most cases. And these are the kinds of foods that are dangerous.

A brief rule of thumb for weight loss.
Most people on self-isolation during the pandemic coronavirus are interested in an important question: how not to gain too much weight? So, it is necessary to follow these rules:

Do not go out of your eating schedule. They should not be more than 4-5, and it is even possible 3. Without constant snacking between work and household tasks;

Minimize deliveries, sugary fizzy drinks, and favorite desserts to lift your spirits. Focus on invigorating yourself not by eating but by going for walks, for example;

Make it a habit to fill 1/2 of your plate for lunch and dinner with vegetables (fresh, grilled, stewed);

Eat slowly, without a phone in your hand or a rush. And be sure to eat with appliances. Slow down in this action, and we fully feel the taste and fullness after eating without the desire to eat everything after a sweet;

follow the norm of water (30 ml per 1 kg of body weight) in the diet and coffee (no more than two servings a day);

Leave all sweet and carbohydrate products in the first half of the day—fruits, bread, and porridges.

However, losing excess weight after quarantine is unlikely to succeed quickly. According to the nutritionist, as a rule, it is either extreme starvation or some very bland food that will lead to a breakdown and liver and gallbladder problems.
Give up foods with very high calories - remove sweets, and replace them with fruit and berries. Instead of frying, cook with a minimum of oil - bake, stew, boil, steam cook. Go to bed early because late-night vigils provoke nighttime overeating. Exercise for at least an hour every day or walk a lot.

Drink more water
Juices and sweet tea usually contain sugar and lack essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. As a result, these drinks increase your caloric intake, increasing your risk of weight gain.
In contrast, drinking more water can help you feel satiated and reduce your daily calorie intake.
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Add physical activity
Gyms and pools are closed for now, but there are plenty of other ways to add physical activity to your routine.
Walking around the neighborhood, jogging, yoga, push-ups, even cleaning, and walking up and down the stairs - any activity burns extra calories, prevents weight gain, and helps with stress and anxiety. A great option is to find home workout videos on YouTube and do the exercises under the guidance of an expert.

Stock up on healthy foods.
Keep unhealthy foods from settling in your refrigerator: smoked meats, chips, and pastries. Instead, load it with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Less temptation means less risk of overeating.

Stick to a routine

Scientists have found that making a schedule and sticking to it is a great way to develop healthy habits while creating a sense of normalcy. For example, try setting times to wake up and go to bed, get dressed, even if you work from home, and take regular breaks throughout the day.
Establish food rules as well: meal preparation times and main meals. Try to eliminate snacks; they will take away the extra calorie intake.

Eat only in the kitchen.
Eat in the kitchen at the proper time, neither on the computer, while watching a TV series, nor from vases with cookies and nuts spread all over the apartment. This way, you can avoid "food debauchery.

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