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Buying criteria for choosing the best drill machines

Buying criteria for choosing the best drill machines - India News in Hindi

As its name suggests, with it you can drill, but also screw or even sand and remove paint. If you arelooking for greater versatility and comfort for all your DIY jobs, it is best that you opt for this tool. With it you can do all your work on wood, metal, or walls. The quality of a drilling machine does not depend so much on the design, but rather on the quality of its components.

So, if you want to choose only among the best drills that you will find on the market, we invite you to continue reading.

Before showing you the best options, the best we can do is give you some good advice so that you are the one who, with your criteria, decides which model is the most appropriate.

Drill types
Depending on the power source used by the best drill machine in India, they can be classified into:

.Screwdrivers: As the name suggests, the screwdriver is designed for screwing and unscrewing. If it is used for drilling, it will be in materials such as metal or wood, which do not need percussion.

.Hammers: This is a normal drill to which the percussion function is added. This function consists in that the drill not only moves by rotating, but also performs a movement perpendicular to the material (from back to front) in such a way that it acts like a hammer.

.Impact: The difference with the hammer drill is that the impact driver hits in a circle parallel to the surface supporting the rotation not perpendicular (it is called tangential impact). These impacts are not for drilling, but for screwing and unscrewing those stubborn screws more easily.

.Angular: The main difference of these drills is that they form a 90º angle and therefore facilitate drilling in difficult spaces.

.Column: A fixed hole as it is mounted on a base. Thanks to this, it has great stability, making it ideal for when you need to drill with great precision.

The more power the drill has, the more force and speed it can produce when doing its job. Corded and cordless drills indicate their power differently:

.The power of corded drills is measured in watts (W) (they range between 500 and 1500 W).

. In cordless drills, the higher the indicated voltage, the greater power they will have. (The usual ones are 12 and 18 V).

Corded drills generally offer higher performance. However, cordless drills are becoming increasingly popular thanks to continuous improvement in the quality and life of batteries.

You should also bear in mind that power is not the only thing that influences the strength and speed of a drill, but also the quality of the elements that will transmit that power. For this reason, and especially if we are looking for a powerful device, we must look at the quality of its gears.

Speed ​​control
The more you can regulate the speed of your drill, the greater variety of tasks you can perform comfortably and effectively. That is why we must differentiate the holes between those with:

. One speed: Less recommended if apart from drilling you want to screw. The speed can only be regulated by pressing the trigger more or less.

 Various speeds: You have mechanical speeds that are changed by means of a switch and act as short gears (to screw) or long gears (to drill) and apart from that they have the electronically controlled speed that is the one that is regulated with the trigger and that allows to go from the range lower than the upper one for each mechanical speed.

.IPM (impacts per minute) (only in hammer drills and hammers): If the drill has a hammer function, you should pay attention to the number of impacts per minute it offers. These impacts act like a hammer helping to penetrate materials such as concrete or stone.

The chuck or chuck is the part of the drill that holds the bits. Depending on the type of chuck, we will have a system to change the bits or another:

. Manual chuck: As the name suggests, the change of the bit is done manually. It can be keyed (most common in corded drills) or threaded (most common in cordless drills).

. Automatic chuck: The bit change uses a quick coupling that does not require screwing.
The higher the chuck capacity, the more bit it can hold. Chuck size is generally a good indicator of a drill's power (they are directly proportional).

The two most common chuck sizes are:

. 10mm: Enough for most do-it-yourself household jobs.

. 13mm: For heavier jobs.

The smaller and lighter a drill is, the easier it will be to handle and will allow it to be used in hard-to-reach places, as well as for work that is high overhead. The shape of the drill is also going to have a big
influence on comfort.
A while ago, most drills were pistol-shaped, so that the handle was behind the motor. But nowadays and preferably the battery models have a T-handle, where the handle is more centered and the battery is placed at the base of it, balancing the weight.

As for other comfort elements, many current drills include an LED light to illuminate the work area.

In case of choosing a cordless drill, we must pay attention to the following characteristics of the battery.

Battery nature
Lithium: Most batteries are made of this material, and it is the one we recommend, since they combine greater power with less weight. They also give you a longer use time, their useful life is longer (more charge and discharge cycles) and they have no memory effect, that is, you can charge them without having to wait for them to be fully discharged.

Nickel: they are cheaper but are in decline due to their worse performance and durability.
Battery amperage The amperage tells us the duration of the battery.

The higher the amperage the longer the battery will last. But it has a downside: the higher the amperage, the greater the size and weight of the battery. Therefore, more is not always better. With a 1500-2000 mah (milliamp) battery you'll have enough for
most household jobs.

In addition, many drills include 2 batteries, so the duration loses something of importance. While one is in use the other may be charging. Of course, if your battery includes a charge indicator, it allows you to better calculate how much time you have left.

Charging time
The less it takes to charge the battery the better, especially if we only have one. This charging time depends on the quality of the charger, but also on the battery itself. Lithium batteries are the ones with the shortest charging time.

Although the most important thing is the main device, there are a series of elements that can accompany the drill and make our work much easier.

. Depth rod: Very useful to be precise and not go too deep when drilling.

. Extra Handle: Especially important for hammer drills as it helps distribute force and improves precision by keeping the drill more stable.

. Drills: A drill is nothing without the right drill bits, and although the ones that usually come included with drills are not of the best quality, they do help you start working right away.

.Briefcase: It is much more convenient to have a place to store the drill batteries and other accessories. You can find from simple zippered cloth bags to rigid briefcases that provide great protection.

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