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Best Gaming Consoles you should know about- Buying Guide for Gaming Consoles

Best Gaming Consoles you should know about- Buying Guide for Gaming Consoles - India News in Hindi

Flying into the world of fantasy even for fleeting moments, is what we all deliberately seek for while buried under tons of pressure. Being it via watching fantasy movies or cartoon shows, all these activities appear as greater relieves while seeking a rift of peace from mundane jaded lives. However,video games and gaming consoles have been the latest additions to it which has adhered a feather to the definition of leisure and reviving through fantastic worlds!

Albeit, the concept of gaming consoles are yet little far behind to be popularized in India yet, it’s craze is highly notable among neophytes, adolescents and young generations. Setting out as well as concatenating a communication between real and fantasy world via these motion games, perhaps is the main reason for ascending popularity. Hence, looking for a gaming console with impressive performance is not so incongruous if you secretly wish so. But on an alarming note you must be adhesive with basic guidelines before shopping for one and validating whether it’s the ONE you need!

However, in today’s busy world finding a passage of free space has just become impossible, there fore in case you are in acute paucity of time, you can lend serious help from online superstores which do not be have as consoling largesse of a hassle free delivery of what you want but also displays alluring discounts frequently, which triggers the budget as well! Therefore, up well and engineer your grey cells for smart purchases of gaming consoles from stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma etc. And...don’t forget to activate associated coupons & Check out Amazon india sale, today.

Beginners guide before shopping gaming consoles
Here are the few basic steps that you must ensure before shopping for a gaming console!! By the way...do you know what exactly it is? No!...trace the subject matter here!

Gaming console
It’s the device through which you will monitor the game. Just like a remote control of vibrant type sand features, we will discuss eventually.

1. Be Sure of the type you want
Gaming consoles are of vibrant types along with heterogeneous features. Hence, being specified with the type you need whether for self entertainment or a younger one at the family, do ensure that first. For instance, if you are a fledgling to the video gaming world, starting with a simple one such as XboX one is a better option than a Sony PlayStation 4 which has quite complicated features and of quite expensive budget.Whatever types you purchase, you should be definite of basic two types of gaming consoles to avoid superfluous obstacles further. It’s imparted into two basic types:

- Gaming consoles/ video games for living room

Where you can connect the console to either TV or computer through a HDMI port, or plugging wire. It gives you an immersive experience of video games which is just magical. PS4 is a perfect example of it

- Portable gaming console

This is the one which is portable. The device is being engineered by putting monitoring buttons around a display at the centre. It’s available both on a low and expensive budget and ideal for game freaks! A popular example can be: Nintendo Switch Lite, which is quite expensive or a SVS PVP gaming console for kids.

Therefore, be definite with the type at first which will robustly guide you further for so many reasons.You may draw Amazon coupons or Flipkart coupons from trending couponing websites as well to groove out lucrative discounts.

2. Know your affordability

That’s another important aspect because gaming consoles are available in vibrant price ranges along with variating qualities. Hence, based on the requirement as well as affordability you can select one. Let's say,if you are keen to enter the virtual gaming world for the first time picking a NEXTECH 3000 PVP game which is redeemable within Rs. 2000, could be better both for affordability as well as getting docile with this new world. But if you are a hardcore gamer investing for a better configured and robust performed gaming console like Microsoft XBOX that is nearly of Rs.47,000 price isn’t so easy! Therefore, you’ve to be soul prepared long before you buy one. Thus, quivering out personal affordability is a must! As you can plan accordingly.

Lots of e-commerce websites which especially focus on electronic new gadgets such as Reliance digital, Croma etc ., you can easily knock at their door for trending coupons while seeking huge discounts! Trust me; all these will help you vigorously.

3. Choose the platform you want to play

This may sound a little quirky but one of the most efficient inputs you must ensure before purchasing a gaming console, for lots of reasons. First of all,offline gaming consoles such as Sony PS, Microsoft XboX, Sony E1004 etc can be played without internet connection albeit, buoyant up complete satisfaction in terms of performance, graphic quality and of course budget ! For example, Sony E10004 is of only Rs.6000 etc. On the other hand, online gaming consoles are of vivid facilities in terms of regular update,
performance and most of these have inbuilt storage too. For example, Sony 1TB slim console bundle, Nintendo version 2. And while these are of most updated features, be ready to expend a lavish amount as well at the time of purchase!

4. Whether you want space configured gaming consoles

Few gaming gaming consoles have inbuilt storage devices which are no doubt expensive.But if you wish to relish a lavish gaming experience then don’t be a frugal ;rather you can save your pocket money to buy a brilliant one.

Some of the popular storage gaming consoles are Sony EvoFox game box of 4GB RAM and 32 GB storage, Oculus Quest 2 virtual gaming headset of256 GB space, Sony PlayStation 4 slim bundle with1TB storage etc.

You can get all these together at Amazon, Reliance Digital. So, stay tuned with these websites to snatch best deals.

Now, if you have deciphered the basic theme before purchasing a gaming console, do hunt for the brands or types which have been nominated as most popular this year. Here is the list.

Top gaming consoles for 2021-

1. Sony PS4 1 TB Slim - Rs 29,990
2. Oculus - Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset -Rs. 49.779
3. Microsoft XBOX one X 1 TB- Rs. 46,999
4. Nintendo Switch with neon red and neon blue -Rs. 31,700
5. Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition- Rs. 47,989
6. NXTPOWER NXT _SP05 4GB PSP Games- Rs. 2,399
7. Nintendo Switch Lite -Rs. 20,289
8. NEXTTECH 3000 Games Digital PVP Play Station -Rs. 1,199

**all these can easily be derived either ay Amazon &Croma or related electronic online stores.


Perception of entertainment and leisure keeps on twirling as well as changing over time. As this decade relies more on virtual mediums for relaxation, you can always touch the silver lining of peace and happiness through the fantasy world being bolstered via myriad of video games and vice-versa. Hence,do get lost and completely get immersed into the magical bliss of fantastic feeling through grabbing a well performed gaming console. Now, it’s up to you whether to utilise the chance or abandone!

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