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How Has Technology Changed Our Lives?

How Has Technology Changed Our Lives - News in Hindi

Technology has modernized our society, from the way we socialize and interact with each other to the way we conduct business and travel. We have an entirely digital world under our fingertips, and thanks to technological innovations, we can use amazing tools and resources to build a better world for our society. There are many exciting expectations for the future, from flying cars to living robots. However, in this article, we stay focused on the present, and we’ll review different ways technology has entered our lives and changed our existence on this planet so far.


In the past, people used to send letters and used landline phones to stay in touch with their acquaintances and friends. Nowadays, smartphones, video-conferencing apps, and Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have enabled us to connect with anyone in the world. We can send messages and make phone calls from any digital device, as long as we have a stable internet connection.


The gaming industry has come a long way since the first video game, Computer Space, was released in 1971. In this day and age, the gaming industry is worth $120 billion, with more than 2 billion gamers around the world.

Thanks to the increased internet access worldwide, you can play your favorite games on your personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, or gaming console. There are thousands of games to choose from online; for example, you can play games of chance on reliable casino sites.

In fact, there are many great online casinos like Casimba where you can pick for a vast collection of top-notch casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker in many variations. What’s more, the games are mobile-friendly, and you can open an account and play on the move.

With that being said, we can only assume that the popularity of the entire gaming sector will rise as Virtual and Augmentative Reality technologies become more accessible to the general public.


Once upon a time, you had to sit in front of your TV all night to catch the latest news, your favorite show or film. Now you can pause live TV, record TV programs if you can’t watch them immediately, or rent a film from your media library. Technology has also completely transformed the way sports fans watch matches. Now, most television sets have Wi-Fi and can be connected to the internet. Hence it doesn’t matter if the match is happening in your country or not; you can catch every second on your TV.


As the technology evolved, patients were able to experience better, more inclusive healthcare and surgeries. Some important digital transformations are remote consultations, telemedicine, and mobile healthcare apps. You can download an app to remind you to drink more water, exercise regularly, or take your medicine on time, for instance.

Education The internet redefined the way we consume information. In the past, there were limited options for learning, but now you can choose a medium that works best for you. You can listen to a podcast, watch a video or take an online course. For online courses, there are many free and paid options on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and even YouTube. The number of opportunities is so great, and you can even obtain your Master’s Degree online.

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