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Dr. Audumabar Borgaonkar of Areeva Clinic, Vashi states it is safe to proceed with hair transplant procedures

Dr. Audumabar Borgaonkar of Areeva Clinic, Vashi states it is safe to proceed with hair transplant procedures - Health Tips in Hindi

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of life and also seek medical as well as cosmetic procedures. Healthcare and medical fraternity have adopted adequate COVID-safe precautions and measures to ensure that the health of their patients is not compromised at any cost.

Today, hair transplant is one of the preferred procedures to regain a healthy hair look. Also, the cost of hair transplant is quite economical and can be afforded by one and all. In Vashi, Dr. AudumbarBorgaonkar of Areeva Clinic is one of the most reliable hair transplant specialist, ‘Most of my patients are surprised to hear that the hair transplant cost is very reasonable and they go ahead with redefining their image with natural and healthy hair’.

Dr. AudumabarBorgaonkar who performs hair transplant in Navi Mumbaistates, ‘I have performed nearly 200+ hair transplant procedures in the past two years while maintaining proper hygiene protocols. I have maintained social distancing, reduced my exposure in public places and undergone COVID test at regular intervals. The same goes for my medical staff and team at the clinic.’

He enumerates the multiple benefits of hair transplantation stating it is a safe and reliable procedure while being a permanent solution to treating hair loss. The latest FUE hair transplant methods use patient’s hair from dense hair areas and implant them in bald areas especially on the scalp, mustache and beard region as required by the patient. Also, this procedure is very economical and required minimal maintenance. Once the hair have full grown, they can be treated like natural hair and can be cut, trimmed, styled as per the preferences of the patient.

Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar is leading consultant Plastic and Cosmetic surgeonin Navi Mumbai with expertise in treating hair loss, hair transplantation mesotherapy and laser hair reduction procedures. He advocates reliable and extremely safe hair transplant procedures with assured results. Moreover, he pays adequate attention to his patients and guides them in restoring their hair through medication as well as hair transplantation procedures.

As far as possible, he consults patients virtual consultations and video calls while requesting them to their pictures through mail and over their mobile phone. Similarly, he explains the procedures, shares treatment costs and estimates over phone and emails. The patient is requested to undergo certain pathological tests and share the results in advance before arriving for the treatment.

On the day of the treatment, patients showing no COVID symptoms are allowed to proceed with the treatment. Dr. AudumabarBorgaonkarexplains the after procedure and maintenance procedure in detail to his patients. Also, patients are encouraged to seek virtual consultations and visit the clinic only if necessary. This ensures that fewer patients visit the clinic for maintaining proper social distancing.

Apart from this, sanitization of the clinic is done at periodic intervals 24x7. Each operating theatre is sanitized using ultraviolet lamps which destroy the microbes in the room as a reliable hygienic procedure.

Dr. AudumabarBorgaonkar is considered Navi Mumbai’s one of the leading Hair Transplant specialist with hands-on experience in treating hair loss, hair transplant procedures along with Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast surgeries, and so on. He also performs thread lifts, Botox and fillers, chemical peels and other cosmetic procedures.

He is available at Areeva Clinic which is located in central Vashi in Navi Mumbai. It is a well-equipped and facilitated clinic. Dr. AudumbarBorgaonkar is assisted by a team of qualified doctors who have experience in performing hair transplant and other cosmetic procedures.

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