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An unhealthy "healthy" lifestyle

An unhealthy healthy lifestyle - Health Tips in Hindi

The desire to eat well, keep the body in good physical shape, and control weight are signs of a conscious person who wants to live happily. Another is when the desire to do everything "right" turns into an obsession. So how can we differentiate between an unhealthy lifestyle and what to do to correct the situation?

The appeal to a healthy lifestyle is heard everywhere: from the pages of magazines, we are watched by beauties without a gram of extra fat, on TV, movie stars advertise sports clothes and online casinos in India, and on supermarket shelves, products marked "fitness" cost considerably more than their unmarked "neighbors."

The multimillion-dollar beauty industry assiduously enforces the images of health and beauty and spends sizeable budgets on marketing.

As a result, almost everyone at least once heard about miracle products and services: protein bars, soy milk lattes, and bio revitalization. Likewise, nearly every self-respecting health-conscious person has tried starvation, frantic dehydration, raw food, veganism, yoga, detox, sleep apps, and other fashions.

How can you not succumb to the influence of the trend and start counting calories and rocking your body in the gym? But, often, the fashionable chase for beauty and health turns into addiction, mental disorders, and even physical injuries.

The Dangers of a Fanatical Passion for Health and Wellness
It's a good habit to be attentive to your diet and lifestyle, but only if you don't go to extremes. Indeed you've met people who look at the labels of the composition, spend the lion's share of time searching for organic products, sitting in gyms around the clock, and judging those who do not adhere to this lifestyle. All of this is the ultimate neurotic disorder.


Steven Bratman, M.D., introduced "orthorexia" to describe such a phenomenon. The term is deciphered as an eating disorder associated with an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating.

Signs of an orthorexic:
Chooses foods not according to taste but only according to wholesomeness.

Thoroughly avoids forbidden foods, including more than five items (sweets, flour, salty, fatty, starchy, gluten-containing foods, and others).

They execute themselves for eating something from the forbidden list.

Constantly changes eating patterns and diets.

Strictly divides all people into "insiders" (followers of the proper diet) and "outsiders."
He strives for total control of his nutrition and life.

Divides all food into two categories - healthy and poison.

Often orthorexia is accompanied by an addiction to grueling daily workouts - the so-called "sportsaholic syndrome." It is another extreme of a healthy lifestyle.

To feel good, the fitness fanatic improves their training system every day, trying to exercise longer and harder. Unfortunately, as a result, the load may be so large that the body simply can not cope, and an athletic athlete immediately after training will land in the hospital. In addition, constantly forcing yourself to work out is fraught with severe psychological problems.

Signs of a fitness addict:
Thinks only about improving the quality of workouts;
He devotes all his time to classes, and if force majeure happens and you have to cut back on your workout, he feels irritability, anxiety, aggression, and even pain.
Wellness fatigue - fatigue from fighting for the health, a condition that does not give people a feeling of well-being and inner joy.

Signs of an obsession with a healthy lifestyle

High level of anxiety and obsessive fears
A person addicted to a healthy lifestyle does not allow himself to deviate from the rules and is very afraid that something can go wrong. So for crimes in the form of eating a piece of cake or skipping a workout, he will punish himself and feel guilt.

A healthy lifestyle is the main thing in life.
A fan builds his day so that work or anything else doesn't interfere with his diet and workouts. Instead of meeting with friends, he would rather read another clever book on nutrition or cook a super-sophisticated but very healthy dish.

Plenty of time for a healthy lifestyle.
Because proper nutrition and workouts are a priority, the addict spends most of his time on them. He may spend hours searching for the right foods or developing a healthy diet. Or he may choose one or more sports and try to become a champion in them.

Complicated speech with medical terms on and off
Relatives and friends of the health fanatic notice that it is simply impossible to move the conversation to any other topic other than the "right" way of life. And if you try to counter his arguments, there is a chance of running into aggression and new ideas.

Sense of superiority over others.
The healthy lifestyle addict sincerely believes that those who are not into healthy lifestyles cannot be happy. That's why he constantly edifies and criticizes everyone who, in his opinion, lives "wrong."

What to do about it?
Physical activity, a balanced diet, and healthy sleep are undoubtedly important. However, just as important is an individual approach, taking into account a person's psychological state and choosing the type of activity that will strengthen their psyche, rather than adding new addictions and insecurities.

Many people recommend physical activity as a way to combat stress. It is necessary to understand what kind of activity suits you. Here everything is individual. For example, if a person is depressed, strength training is not recommended because strength and energy are already scarce.

People often impose restrictions on themselves because they have read somewhere that it is necessary to do so but do not thoroughly understand the reasons and motives. And this, too, is an unhealthy approach.

There is no panacea. You need to find "your own" - something that helps you feel awake, active, and joyful. And for that, it's essential to regulate tension and relaxation, work and rest. If you focus on these feelings and stick to common sense, a healthy lifestyle will only benefit you.

In terms of psychology
As soon as you realize that you cannot control your thoughts, write them down on paper. After some time, analyze what you have written. It will help you perceive what is happening in your life and how you feel about those events.
People with negative thinking are constantly imagining the worst-case scenarios in their heads. Don't go to extremes. If you want to think about the result of specific actions, imagine bad scenarios and good ones.

Many people are afraid of uncertainty. Therefore, as soon as they find themselves in a "suspenseful" situation, they begin to make predictions. Such a habit is better to get rid of. Either discard ways of predicting at all or analyze the situation objectively.

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