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The secret behind decorating your home successfully

The secret behind decorating your home successfully - Vastu Tips in Hindi

As soon as you enter a house you get a sense of the taste and preferences of the person who lives there. Whether it is a piece of furniture or showpieces keptinevery corner, everything in your house contributes to the overall feel. Apart from the things that you are already doing to keep your house looking great here are a few things you can do.
Arrangement and alignment
Just because you are fond of a particular type, does not mean you cram your walls and make the place too crowded. You can artfully arrange whatever you have or you can keep rotating the art in your house. Arrangement and alignment of the things in the how is important. Maintaining lines and curves make the place look tidier.
The boho vibe
Overlapping of colours, patterns, and textures is important when you are going for a casual look. Don't worry about maintaining lines and making the place look spacious. If you are aiming for this look you can easily include items of multiple colours on top of each other without wondering if the place is looking too cluttered.
For example, if you want to include various types of seating then you can go for a bean bag, reading chair, sofa, and a wooden bench all in the same room and tie them together with beautiful upholstery.
Embrace the cliches your way
There are some cliches that we just cannot let go of. So, you can give your own twist to every cliche and incorporate it into your interior. For example, if you are looking for showpieces for the wall, instead of going for the usual one you can go for metal wall art. It can be a great addition to your collection and can complement your furniture that has a metal skeleton, like sidetables and chairs.
The use of multiple materials
Some people believe that if they purchase a wooden piece of furniture then they cannot buy anything with a metal frame. However, the idea is to complement other furniture without everything looking like it has been bought as a set. Certain common features can prove to be the tying thread and you can buy such furniture to decorate your home. Don't be afraid to play with wood, metal, plastic, jute, cane, rattan, and any other type of furniture you can think of.
Function over form
A lot of people obsess over the form of furniture and forget to assess its function. The trick is to have a healthy balance between the two. When you are making a comfortable home where you will be inviting and entertaining it is important to keep in mind that there may be times when you have a big group in your house. This means space for people to walk around as well as having enough seating to accommodate your friends.
Every time you think of whether to buy something for your house or not you can ask yourself, " Will I still want to use this after 5 years?". At the same time consider the quality of the furniture and if they are durable enough to last. If you don't end up upgrading your furniture, itbecomes a part of your memories and it's hard to let go.

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