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What makes IIT Bombay a highly sought choice by JEE Advanced Toppers?

What makes IIT Bombay a highly sought choice by JEE Advanced Toppers?

IIT Bombay gets students from the club of top rankers in JEE over other equally prestigious IITs. It has been a trend since the beginning of this decade that maximum number of toppers opt for the coveted institute. The Inclination is accounted to neutral demography, attractive placements, innovation and entrepreneurship culture making IIT Bombay an institute of eminence.

● In 2019 out of top 100 JEE Toppers, 64 opted for IIT-Bombay and 147 in top 500.
● IIT Delhi is the second most preferred institute with 33 out of 100 opting for it.
● AIR 1 in past 4 years opted Computer Science and Engineering at IIT-B.
● IIT Kanpur which once enjoyed an elite position had only 3 while IIT Madras had only 1 student from top 100. 

JEE Main toppers in past few years namely Kartikey Gupta (2019), Pranav Goyal (2018),  Sarvesh Mehtani (2017),  Aman Bansal (2016) picked up Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay after clearing the advanced level. The institute outreaches Female toppers as well Shabnam Sahay JEE 2019 girls topper and Meenal Parekh 2018 girls topper also opted IIT-B. In lieu of raising gender diversity 96 supernumerary seats along with 10%  EWS seats were added to accommodate students from all backgrounds.

A few years ago (uptill 2011), top preference of JEE Main aspirants would be IIT Kanpur to pursue technical education. Changing trend is largely on account of growing preference for metropolitan cities. Significant number of candidates who qualify JEE Advanced belong to Urban areas. 89.83% successful candidates in 2018 were urban dwellers.  Hence the natural preference for IITs in metros like Mumbai and Delhi. Earlier, every IIT used to have speciality course that attracted the qualified candidates. But over the years this distinction has lost relevance.

Table below reflects the preference of top JEE rankers from 2016-19:

                Institute Preference of Top 100 JEE rankers
IITs                 2019                  2018                  2017                    2016
Bombay            64                      59                     57                       63
Delhi                 33                      30                     31                       28
Kanpur               2                       0                       0                         0
Madras               1                      6                        4                         5
Kharagpur           0                     1                         0                         0

IIT-B Director Subhasis Chaudhari States that “IIT Bombay is the most sought after institute in all disciplines. It has one of the most qualified and experienced faculty members hand-holding the students to become leaders of tomorrow. New courses are introduced providing excellent ambience of learning. The institute offers a mix bag of subjects and courses to choose from.”

What makes IIT Bombay the toppers club?

With a green island in concrete jungle of Mumbai, surrounded by Powai lake, the lush and posh campus is a sight in itself. The metropolis nature of the city is an important factor. Unlike IIT Madras and Guwahati, candidate prefer Mumbai because of neutral demography as well. The institute has over 650 faculty members on roll- highest amongst all IITs. To add success feathers more than 100 patents per year are filed by students and faculty of IIT-B. More than 100 technologies are licensed to companies in the past one year.

The range of courses offered by the institute is extensive, designed as per market demands and potential growth. This turns out to be fruitful for students in terms of employment. The most sought after course is Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at IIT Bombay, the closing rank for which is generally low-63 in 2019. CSE offers a ‘dual degree” program giving luxury to work on some significant research project. Placement rate of dual degree program was close to 96% in 2018. Flexibility of course structure with ‘honours’ and ‘minor’ courses provide students with a much open academic environment.

Located in the heart of India’s economic powerhouse , the institute boast some of the best cultural/technical activities of all IITs. Mood Indigo Fest is one of Asia’s largest cultural fest, similarly Techfest is Asia’s largest technology festival. The ebb and flow in the number of people going to IIT mumbai is because it has become a traditional choice of coaching classes as well. 

In the past few years, IIT Mumbai has attracted best packages from companies around the world. Some of the best foreign universities and firms have a huge demand for IIT bombay students. Most of the internship offers are received from the USA followed by Japan, Germany and other countries. Moreover, close to a hundred international and national universities are in MoU with IIT-B for student exchange programs.


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