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These fruits actually help whitening and lightening your skin

These fruits actually help whitening and lightening your skin

Fruits help lighten freckles, dark marks and skin pigmentation, making your complexion fair and smooth. Fruits are good for your skin, but some fruits have amazing skin whitening properties than others.


Apples is one of many types of fruit will give you a fair skin. Not only care for the skin stays healthy, apples also helps to restore skin and against acnes. All you need do is add a few tablespoons of fresh apple juice to the water bath to cleanse and soften skin.


Doing the following: Mashed a banana, then use something that dough for the face mask. You will soon feel more toned and brighter. In addition, the banana would help clean the black pores, moisturize the skin.

Not only cleanse and soften skin, pineapple also works very effectively in the work rejuvenate dull and dry skin. You can use a piece of pineapple and rub over the body while bathing, you will see the change occur immediately.


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