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Now Google Pay gets a new Jobs Spot feature

Now Google Pay gets a new Jobs Spot feature

Google Pay, the UPI-based payments app will have a new dedicated ‘Jobs’ search feature, Google announced. At the Google for India event here, the search giant also said its payments app will soon support Tokenised cards and also announced a ‘Spot’ platform to let businesses create a store on the app itself and engage with potential customers directly.

The feature is aimed at those looking for first-time jobs in the hospitality, retail, food delivery and other such sectors. The Jobs feature is building on the Kormo or Jobs app introduced earlier in Bangladesh (2018) and Indonesia to help people find jobs not necessarily listed online. The app is funded by Google’s Area 120, an in-house incubator for experimental products.

Limited in its launch period to jobs in Delhi-NCR region, Google has partnered with players like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, 24Seven, Ritu Kumar, FabHotels and other for now. In total, Google has 25 partners for the Jobs Spot feature.

“When you onboard onto the Jobs spot, we get your profile, you have to accept that we can access your profile, which gives us your name and your location, and things like that. Then we ask two basic questions. First is what is your goal? So the options range from “My goal is to look for a job” or “my goal is to learn more” or actually, there’s a third one, which is “I’m just hanging out. I’m browsing.” Hopefully not many people click on that,” Bicky Russell, Project Lead of Jobs/Kormo. Read More...

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