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New species of meat-eating Allosaurus dinosaur discovered

New species of meat-eating Allosaurus dinosaur discovered

The fossils of a new species of meat-eating dinosaurs have been unveiled at the Natural Museum of Utah. The dinosaur, called Allosaurus jimmadseni, is believed to be the oldest species of Allosaurus to have existed in the Late Jurassic Period, some 157-152 million years ago. The A jimmadseni was first discovered by Paleontologists in early 1990s in Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah and it predates one of most familiar of its species, the Allosaurus fragilis. The name ‘jimmadseni’ was given to this species to honour the palaeontologist James H Madsen Jr, whereas the genus name Allosaurus means ‘different reptile’

Allosaurus is a carnivorous bipedal dinosaur and also one of the best-known theropod dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Based upon a complete articulated skeleton and skull along with a second specimen with an articulated skull and associated skeleton, Paleontologists say that A jimmadseni was about 26 to 29 feet and weighed in at least 4000 pounds.


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