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Monsoon Magic in Pink City Jaipur hills, see in these 20 pictures

Monsoon Magic in Pink City Jaipur hills, see in these 20 pictures

Jaipur: Jaipur is a fascinating Indian city that boasts the finest examples of Rajasthan architecture and history but is blighted by the modern problems that afflict present day India. Tourist places of Jaipur have different importance in World Heritage. Even the corona period is going on, but the natural greenery is not afraid of the Corona, the greenery runs according to its season. Greenery is also not meant by any political upheaval. Greenery gives a message of excitement, joy, thrill to all mankind.

Even the monsoon rains are not being vigorously active this time in the Jaipur, but still a little rain has made all the hills of Jaipur full of greenery. Whether it is Nahargarh, the hills near Jaigad, or the hills surrounding the Jalmahal, greenery is seen in all. At the Jalmahal, there is a rush of wanderers as soon as the weather is pleasant in the morning and evening. Photo Journalist Ravi Vyas of Khas Khabar.com has captured the beauty of Amber, Charan Temple, Jalmahal in the capital Jaipur in his camera.


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