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Kangana Ranaut: I am an original out there, I am not a borrowed idea, I am not a fake

Kangana Ranaut: I am an original out there, I am not a borrowed idea, I am not a fake

Amidst all the confusion, misunderstandings, negative PR, and more, Kangana Ranaut shares why everything happened, the way it did. She laments over the fact that she was continuously misunderstood, misinterpreted and largely, misquoted. In an extensive interview, the Judgementall Hai Kya actress answers to all burning hot topics.

Q. You have spoken recurrently of ‘one section’. But that ‘one section’s’ definition is not clear as you went about ‘bikau media’, ‘liberal media’, ‘deshdrohi’ and much more. You do understand that ‘the media’ as a generic punching bag phrase is just as inaccurate as using ‘Bollywood’ as a single fit-all phrase. What is the issue? You have had a more than fair deal from the press through your career.

Kangana: The press has played a very big role in building my brand. They are the very basic, the foundation, of my career, my brand. There was no prototype to me. The press has voluntarily placed me at the place which they did, which has been generous on their part because the press before that did not give such sort of respect towards actors – only to stars.
Personally, I have much to thank the media for; I have been the media’s darling throughout. It is just a section of the media who have ganged up on me, people who I have raised a voice against, and these people have collectively formed a Guild. When it was formed there were hardly some 15-16 people, they were particularly those people, some of whom are not even proper, working journalists.

There are also paid PR agencies who have run an agenda against me. I, however, agree that just using ‘the media’ is not the correct way to talk of the people I have an issue with. I only have a problem with the people who are abusing the advantage of being part of the liberal media but who don’t do anything of what the liberal media across the world is doing. The media is taking up great causes. But there are a few people who are abusing the words liberal and secular left, right, and center. You can’t call yourself liberal if you are going to mock Environment Day or the issues that the liberal media upholds. I can handle objective criticism. Even if I practice some other ideology, do I not have the ability or the intelligence to understand the perspective of the other side? That is the only way I can strengthen my own perspectives in life. I definitely have that much vision. Whatever the communication skills I may lack, I understand how important the opposite perspective is to see the loopholes in your own thinking, your own ideology. Read More...

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