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India`s coronavirus count climbs to 226,770 with 6,348 deaths, state-wise tally

India`s coronavirus count climbs to 226,770 with 6,348 deaths, state-wise tally

Rajasthan: Rajasthan has reported 68 new coronavirus disease cases on Thursday, and the state’s tally went up to 9,720.

Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh tally has reached 8,762.

Bihar: The eastern state has 4,493 Covid-19 cases so far. There are 2254 active cases, 2210 recoveries and 29 deaths in the state.

Karnataka: The southern state has 4,320 Covid-19 patients, including 2,653 active cases, 1,610 recoveries and 57 deaths.

Andhra Pradesh: There are 1,613 active Covid-19 cases, 2,539 people who have been cured and 71 fatalities taking the tally to 4,223.

Haryana: It has reported 3,281 cases of the coronavirus disease with 1,123 active cases, 2,134 recoveries and 24 deaths.

Telangana: The southern state has reported 3,147 cases. There are 1,455 active cases, 1,587 people who have been cured and 105 fatalities in Telangana, data shows.

Jammu and Kashmir: There have been 2059 active cases, 1,048 people who have been cured, 35 deaths taking the Union territory’s Covid-19 tally to 3,142.

Odisha: There are 2,478 cases so far, out of which 1,055 are active, 1,416 people who have been cured and seven deaths in the eastern state.

Punjab: In Punjab, there are 325 active cases, 2,043 recoveries and 47 deaths. It takes the state’s tally to 2,415.

Assam: The northeastern state has reported 1,988 patients of the highly infectious disease. According to data, there are 1,542 active cases, 442 recoveries and four deaths in Assam.

Kerala: The southern state, which was the first to report Covid-19 cases in January, has 1,588 cases so far. Central data shows there are 884 active cases, 690 recoveries and 14 deaths.

Uttarakhand: The hill state has 846 active cases, 297 people who have recovered and 10 deaths, taking its Covid-19 tally to 1,153.

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