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I felt raped after office demolition, says Kangana Ranaut

I felt raped after office demolition, says Kangana Ranaut

Kangana, who flew into Mumbai earlier this month amid a face-off with the ruling Shiv Sena, had opened up on demolition of her property for alleged irregularities. “I felt like I’m raped,” she told in an interview, “If there is a robbery, even if the thief hasn’t taken anything, you feel violated, Mentally, psychologically, emotionally.”

Kangana Ranaut has responded to a Twitter user who called her out for using a rape analogy to explain what she went through during the demolition of her property in Mumbai. The user also questioned her choice of words for actor Urmila Matondkar, calling them ‘disgusting’.

In an interview, Kangana had called Urmila a ‘soft porn actor’ who was not known for her acting performances. “Calling another artist as a soft porn star!!! You are disgusting n morally bankrupt. Shameful how constantly character assassinate them...Do you know how being raped feels??? How do you draw a comparison with building Demolition... Rape= forceful sexual intercourse,” the user wrote.

“Where was your feminism you dumb a** when Urmila called me Rudali and a prostitute?” Kangana retorted, adding, “You fake feminist shame on entire woman kind, do you know a human don’t just have physical body we have emotional body, mental body and psychological body as well, rape isn’t just intercourse!!”


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