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Holi special recipe: How to make gujiya

Holi special recipe: How to make gujiya

Gujiya, Karanji, Karjikai, Kajjkayalu etc is same name for Gujiya.

For Outer Layer
2 Cups - Plain Flour/Maida, 4 tbsp - Ghee or Oil, Oil - To Deep Fry
For Filling
2 Cups - Sooji/Semolina, 3/4 Cup - Mawa/Khoya (optional), 2 Cups - Powdered Sugar, 1/2 tsp - Cardamom Powder, 1/2 Cup - Grated Dry Coconut/Khopra, 2 tbsp - Raisins, 4 tbsp - Chopped Cashewnuts, 2 tbsp - Poppy Seeds.

How to make
For outer layer, in a wide bowl take flour, 4 tbsp oil and mix well, add water in small quantity and make stiff dough same like we make for poori, cover with a damp cloth and keep aside until required.

In a wok or kadai add khoya/mawa and cook in slow flame for 2-3 minutes or until it's melts, loosen up, off flame, keep aside.

Dry roast sooji/rawa until light brown and aromatic, keep stirring so it doesn't get burnt. Powder sugar with cardamom seeds.

In a large bowl add roasted sooji/rava, cashew-nuts, raisins, poppy seeds, dry grated coconut (khopra), powdered sugar and mix well.

Add khoya/mawa and mix well with hands to combine khoya with sooji well. If you are not using khoya skip this step. Read More...

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