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Healthiest snacks you should eat in a hectic schedule

Healthiest snacks you should eat  in a hectic schedule

In a v schedule, people don't give a proper time for their diet. But it is possible to treat yourself to a healthy snack. Here are 5 snacks for health.

Fruit and vegetables
It has always been sa
id, the simpler the better. Fruits and vegetables are perfect examples when it comes to the world of snack foods. We have a large variety to choose from, all full of healthy vitamins, nutrients and sugars. No matter what kind of mood you are in, there is a fruit or vegetable to fit your needs.

Trail mix
Trail mix is always a smart snack option, if you are doing it right. Try to find mixes with all natural ingredients, like nuts and dried fruits. If there is chocolate, make sure it is dark chocolate.

Soy chips

If you are craving potato chips, but know you shouldn't be eating them, soy chips are the answer. Sort of rice cake and potato chip hybrid, that has an extra dose of protein. They generally come in a variety of flavors, so no matter what type of chips you desire, you can satisfy your craving.

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