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Global COVID-19 death toll crosses 74,795, total cases over 13 lakh

Global COVID-19 death toll crosses 74,795, total cases over 13 lakh

Globally, the death toll surpassed 74,795 and the number of infections rose to 1,348,257. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care in hospital after his coronavirus symptoms "worsened". The number of Covid-19 cases in the US, meanwhile, has seen a steep spike. So far, 367,004 are infected in that country and 10,871 have died from the highly contagious disease. Spain's tally is at 136,675, Italy 132,547, Germany 103,374 and 98,010. Japan, which had seen a more or less flat growth in its number of cases, has also seen a major spike, with 515 new cases being reported in one day. Japan PM Abe declares state of emergency over coronavirus. Russia's daily rise in coronavirus cases tops 1,000 for first time

There was a sigh of relief in Italy this weekend as its daily Covid-19 toll fell to its lowest in two weeks, leading the authorities in Rome to declare that the containment restrictions in place might be eased soon. There have been over 15,000 Covid-19 deaths in Italy so far, a number second only to that of China, where the pandemic originated. The situation was so grave at one point that medical staff were reportedly prioritising treatment for those with better odds of survival.

Struggling against the pandemic, Italy announced a series of stringent measures aimed at controlling the spread of Covid-19. The national lockdown announced on 9 March banned everything from shops (except pharmacies and food markets) to strolls in the parks and all non-essential economic activity. Violators faced jail time of up to three months and heavy fines.

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