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Amazing! A 11-year-old Kolkata boy creates app to donate unused medicines

Amazing! A 11-year-old Kolkata boy creates app to donate unused medicines

Eleven-year-old Yuvraj Shah from Kolkata has created an app that can significantly improve healthcare for the underprivileged by helping them access expensive medicines easily. Across India, many underprivileged people don’t have access to medicines which often leads to even common illnesses sometimes posing severe life risk. Sometimes, there's also shortage of medicines in the government hospitals due to which even patients who are covered under government’s healthcare scheme and cannot afford medicines have to purchase them from private shops. To tackle this, Yuvraj has created the Medmaze App, which helps people to donate their unused but not expired medicine to government hospitals.

He was even selected by EdTech startup White Hat Jr, as one of 12 students who would get to go to Silicon Valley to meet Google scientists, Waymo engineers and noted venture capitalists. One day, Yuvraj noticed that his grandfather’s medicine was not being used after he finished the required dosage and realized that many unused medicines could save lives when he saw leftover medicines being thrown out after the expiry date. Usually, a doctor prescribes medicines to a patient for the complete course of treatment that may last several weeks. The patient goes and buys medicines from the pharmacy for the entire course of treatment.

However, in most of the cases, the patient gets cured before he consumes the entire set of medicines and stops taking the medicines as soon as he or she gets cured. This leads to a lot of unused medicines in every household. This gave the 11-year-old the idea of creating an app that could help people donate unused medicines so others could benefit from them. While learning coding on the WhiteHat Jr platform, Yuvraj thought of using his learning to create an app to solve this issue and help people in need. This is when he decided to build the Medmaze App. The app allows individuals to connect with the nearest government hospital and donate the leftover medicines. The hospitals can in turn give them to those who cannot afford them. Read More...

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