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6 Tricks to make your hands look beautiful

6 Tricks to make your hands look beautiful

Your hands tell the world how healthy you are (pitted or cracked nails can be a sign of disease), how old you are (prominent veins and brown age spots reveal that), and how well you take care of yourself (bitten nails, hangnails, and rough scaly skin hint that you are neglecting yourself). Our hands say so much about us, and we use them to say so much. So it's not surprising that they're one of the first things people notice. While we all remember to take care of our face, the same can't be said for our hands... If you want to keep your hands looking beautiful all year round, follow our beauty guide.

Hands are the most beautiful thing that is noticed when someone touch your hands. If it is not of good looks that time you will feel that how bad your hands look as compare to your looks. So why to feel so awkward at that situation. Try some of these tips of to make your hands beautiful-

Protect from season
Make your hands protect from the running season. Wear gloves during winter season. Effects of cold are very harmful for hands. In winter the hands are seen having wrinkles on them. Always cover your hands in summer. The open hands in summer gives dark complexion to your hands.


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