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5 Makeup Rules for Pale Skin

5 Makeup Rules for Pale Skin

It doesn’t matter if your are blonde or brunette…If you have pale skin, you would be interested to discover certain beauty secrets, specific only to your fair skin type. Today, let’s talk about beauty tips. Here are some beauty tips for fair skin.

Colorful lips
If you want to look fresh and healthy, avoid wearing light, pale lipstick colors. In fact, these colors can make you look sick, instead of healthy. Be aware of it and avoid. Wear bright lipstick colors instead.

Avoid neutral eye shadows
If you have pale skin and, especially, if you also have light blonde hair, try to avoid pale eye shadow colors, because light colors won’t give dimension to your eyes. Go for eye shadow options that will emphasize your natural eye color and will make your eyes stand out. Read More...

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